18 USC 2257

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Since the website russiainporn.com is open for general access, it can not be held liable for any content, either primary or secondary, of which third parties are the manufacturer. If you have any questions regarding the legality and compliance with the rules 18 USC 2257, please contact the manufacturer of this content directly.

Website Russiainporn.com is a video sharing site, in which there is a possibility to view and share various types of video content for adults. russiainporn.com does everything possible to verify the content in accordance with rules 18 USC 2257, but even a thorough check can not guarantee a 100% result.

Website Russiainporn.com adheres to the following procedures to ensure the requirements of 18 USC 2257 ::

The requirement for all users who upload and watching videos and others content on the site to their age at the time of use of the site reached 18 years or more.
When uploading a video, the user must check the contents of the video being uploaded, assure of reaching the age of 18 or more, confirm that he / she is responsible for the content content and that all participating in the video model have reached the age of 18 years.
Website Russiainporn.com makes it possible to mark video content as inappropriate. If the content is marked as illegal, offensive, harmful, violating the rights or various other reasons, Website Russiainporn.com undertakes to remove it from the site without delay.

Users of russiainporn.com who found content with inappropriate content are strongly encouraged to mark it by clicking on the "Contact" button, such link is at the bottom of each page of website and report about inappropriate content to us.

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