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Carnival Night

The soft light of the moon fell through the large theatrical windows, filling the room with a pleasant semi-darkness.

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Present to my birthday  sex story 27

Present to my birthday

My girlfriend Irina is 26, she’s a tall girl with, long dark hair. She’s got long legs, beautiful firm butt and boobs. Men always leer at her on the street.

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Defloration of my favorite butt

First anal experience can be very exciting for a couple, the only thing people say, after trying anal sex is that it’s worth trying!


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Moscow Subway

It was in the first hour of the night. I came back from the party and was slightly drunk. I stood on the platform "Petrovsko-Razumovskaya" and waited for the train.

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My neighbors’ butts Sex story 26

My neighbors’ butts

It’s nice to have a house in the country especially when your neighbors are two, hot young chicks who love to sunbathe and flash their tight butts….

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Liberation and revelation

My wife and I lived together. Sex with us was regular, but Galya was quite restrained in pastels.

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