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Anna in New York

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Sex story Anna in New York

A Russian lady comes to New-York and drops into a local bar, only if she knew that that bar was full of African-American and Latino studs, she probably would think twice before going there….

Anna was walking along the Hudson River. She asked the taxi driver to stop the car though they were less than half way to her hotel. She wanted to take a walk. It was a warm night, it was light breeze that made her shiver a bit. Anna crossed her hands on her breast walking slowly in the downtown direction. She wished she didn’t forget her jacket at the party. She was wearing a light cocktail dress and stiletto heels.

Frankly speaking she was tired of New York. She was happy to get back to Peterburg three days earlier. She would be home this time tomorrow. She turned to the left on 52nd St; she was pretty close to the hotel. She stumbled on a couple of tipsy chicks and they made her pay attention to the sign on some ugly building. She was pretty close to the hotel and could go to the loo in her room, but she decided to go inside the place and use the loo there. She came up to a bearded guy behind the counter and asked him where the loo was.

- “It’s for the clients only”, - he said and turned away.

Anna took 10 bucks out of her clutch and asked the bartender to give her some drink to his taste. The bearded guy smiled broadly and pointed at the door near the kitchen. But for a strong smell of marihuana there was nothing special during her way to the loo and back. She went out of the ladies’ room and was about to leave the place but looked at the bartender and decided to stay for a couple of minutes and try the cocktail he made for her.
She was sitting at bar looking round the place. It was nothing special. It was an ordinary bar for ordinary people who didn’t really care who served them. Anna saw no white people there safe for the bartender and a plain woman sitting between two Afro-American guys. The guys were feeling up all of her private parts. The woman was laughing cheerfully as if not paying attention they were feeling up her body. Anna grinned thinking somebody could see her, a well known journalist of a serous journal and wife of a big business man, spending her time in that kind of a place.

She sipped the cocktail, it was her favorite Long Island Ice tea. When she was almost through with the drink she heard the soft voice behind her back:

- “Hi, how are you today?”

She didn’t get the person was turning to her. She turned her head and saw a man with a huge paunch. The man smelled of alcohol.

- “May I buy you another drink?” – The man asked.

Anna was 27, she knew how to turn a man down. So the 50-year-old paunchy guy got back to his seat in less than two minutes. He was apparently displeased and told her about it mixing his complains with obvious threatens. “Time to get outta here,” Anna said to herself. She took her clutch and jumped off the high bar stool. All of a sudden she felt a firm grasp on her elbow. It was another drunken guy. The face disappeared the next moment and she saw another one in stead. The guy who pushed her went away not even saying “sorry”.

- “Hi, I’m Mike, let’s go and smoke outdoors”, - the new guy said.

Anna was standing rooted to the spot till the guy hid behind the kitchen door. She looked at the bar and saw some people staring at her. She decided to follow the stranger. She opened the kitchen door and entered another door trying not to touch anything. She found herself in a backstreet. There was a lot of garbage around her, she had to be very careful in order not to step in a pile of waste. It’s when she realized the cocktail was pretty strong and she was a bit tipsy. Mike took out two cigarettes and gave Anna one of them. She took it and inhaled it deeply.

- “Such a strange taste… What is it?” – Anna could hardly see the face of her new friend. He was wearing blue denim jeans and an old faded T-shirt. He might look a bit scary but she felt she trusted him, she even liked him.

- “It’s marihuana”, - he replied briefly.

- “That’s what I thought”, - she said. She didn’t wanna offend the guy so she kept on smoking the fag.

Mike finished his cigarette and came up to Anna. He put his hands round her thin waist, he grabbed her hair and kissed her. “I knew it would happen, so let it better be him than those people over there back in the bar,” Anna thought. She responded to his kiss. His right hand was resting on her butt, it squeezed her buttocks and then slid down. Anna was already hot when the hand was fondling the ass under the dress. It was all about the cocktail and marihuana.

Mike stopped kissing her. He turned her round and started feeling up her boobs rudely.

- “What’s your name girl?” - He said in a quiet imperious tone.

- “Anna”.

- “Where are you from?”

- “England”. – She leaned on his mighty body.

- “I love English sluts”, - he grinned and pushed her back to the kitchen.

When they were back in the building he stopped her and told her to bend down. She did. She was amazed at herself - she obeyed his will so easily, though he was just a stranger. She’d always had power over men due to her looks and her brains. The thing she was doing that moment was untypical of her. She pressed her hands against the sink and spread her legs a bit to keep the balance. It was a very hot picture! A beautiful girl with long legs wearing high heels, such a posh princess with sleek body was standing in the middle of a dirty kitchen. She was trying to look sexy.

Mike raised her dress and saw thong between her buttocks. He couldn’t help but slap her across them. Anna shrieked in surprise. It hurt badly. She tried to set her back straight, then yell at the guy and shut the door behind, leaving him. But she didn’t. Mike was much stronger and he didn’t let her move. Instead he slapped her again. Her ass was burning with pain, it was red.

- “I don’t like it when people don’t listen to me”, -Mike drawled pulling off the thong.

Anna felt his fingers between her hips. They entered her pussy.

- “I knew you were a slut!” – Mike said getting his wet fingers out of her slit. He took his hand to her face and stuck his fingers in her mouth. Such a treatment was offending and humiliating her. She felt the dickhead between her hips.

- “I want you to impale yourself on it”, - Mike said calmly.

Anna started moving her butt backwards. When the dickhead was inside her bosom Mike grasped her hair and entered her with a mighty thrust. Anna didn’t expect that, but there was something even more surprising – she was cumming loudly and for a pretty long time. She was tossing head from side to side, her legs were weak and but for Mike’s strong thrusts she would have fallen on the floor. The guy enjoyed the drill too, he was trying to prolong the pleasure. He didn’t give a damn about Anna; she was just another whore from the bar for him. But he liked her, there was something special about her.

In about 10 minutes of such wild drilling Mike took his pecker out of Anna’s snatch. The girl was hardly conscious. He pressed his dickhead against her butthole. He helped himself with the hand to enter her butt and started owning it. It was in several thrusts that Anna realized he was ramming her ass. It wasn’t her first anal sex but it was for the very first time that somebody entered her anus without her permission. But… Anna was unable to think clearly, she was climaxing over and over again. When she opened her eyes Mike was already zipping up the fly. His semen was flowing off her legs. Anna straightened her back. She was too ashamed even to look at his face. She was ashamed she let a stranger fuck her and she had so many orgasms with him. She wasn’t even forced to fuck him, it was her own desire…

Mike picked up her panties from the floor and put them in his pocket. He gestured to her to go out of the kitchen back to the bar. Anna moved to the door. Then she heard Mike say:

- “I like you girl. Good job! Tell the bartender everything is free for you today. You’ve already paid for everything”, - he smirked.

His words made her start and she felt like vomiting. She hurried out of the kitchen. Mike was standing in the room laughing smugly. She hurried to the ladies’ room to spend some time alone. She took off the dress in the loo. She came up to the sink and started washing herself. Anna looked in the mirror then and saw a beautiful slender woman of 27. She examined the dress and put it on. She looked at her reflection and smiled at herself. She was pleased with her looks, but her head was still dizzy of alcohol and pot. She opened the door and looked at her reflection again. All of a sudden she felt somebody’s hands on her waist. Somebody pushed her back in the room. She looked round and saw those guys from the bar – a tall Afro-American and the Puerto Rican paunchy man, those were the guys she turned down.

- “Well bitch, let’s have fun now or you’re gonna turn us down again?” – The paunchy man said.

- “What for to talk to that white whore. She’s gonna ask us to fuck her herself”, - The Afro-American interjected and started feeling up her body through the dress. He was rude and rough.

Anna was shocked. She got back to reality when the black guy’s hand got in her cleavage and painfully pinched her nipple. She tried to run away, but it was all in vain. She felt somebody’s hands on her butt. Fingers entered her slit in a moment.

- “This bitch doesn’t even have panties on, and her pubis is shaven, just what I like”, - the paunchy guy remarked.

- “Yeah, I know, Mike showed me her panties, I even smelled them”…

Anna finally realized there was nobody to help her in that fucking bar. Meanwhile, a strong hand pushed on her shoulder, and she fell on the dirty loo floor. She immediately saw a black dick which wasn’t very hard yet, but it was already huge. Anna didn’t feel disgusted, she even liked such treatment. She thought about her husband… The black dick was slapping her across the cheeks. She opened her mouth and the cock entered it at once. She was working her tongue and her teeth. She felt a hit on the head.

- “If you wanna live don’t use them”, - she heard the voice say. The guy was fucking her mouth roughly. – “I can’t believe English girls can suck cocks”, - the guy was laughing, his fat belly was hitting her forehead.

When the black prick was hard, she started sucking the Puerto Rican’s one. This man was apparently intended to punish her for disobedience. His dick was his punishment. It was also really huge. He was screwing her throat fast making her choke and wanna throw up. It lasted for a while. The men made Anna give them head in turn, and Anna was trying her utmost not to get slapped again. But it didn’t work, actually, they slapped her now and then.

Then they told her to stand up and dress off. Anna wanted to show them she was the best girl they could ever see naked.

- “You dirty assholes have never seen such girls like me before! I’m gonna show you what English ladies can do!” – Anna cried out loud.

She straightened her back and threw off the dress straps. The dress slipped down, sticking at her hips for a moment. The guys were amazed by her beauty – a white woman with noble posture, arrogant look was looking really strange against the dirty loo. But their numbness didn’t last for long. They pounced on her, feeling her up everywhere, kissing her boobs, squeezing and pinching her nipples, slapping her across the ass… Anna was squeezed between two bodies, it was making her hot. She felt she was a real bitch, she wanted them to fuck her, she wanted to feel a cock in her insides, she didn’t care whose dick it would be.

They bent her down and she saw the black dick which soon hid in her mouth. At this very moment the paunchy man entered her from the rear. They were looking pretty funny: two fat strong and dirty men were screwing a pretty sleek white girl balancing on her stiletto heels. One of them was holding her hair, fucking her mouth, the other was drilling her twat and squeezing her tits.
The Puerto Rican was fucking both of her holes in turn, slapping her across the red cheeks. Both of the men were calling her bad words, while the girl was cumming over and over again, doing everything they told her. She didn’t even care they were humiliating and sexually harassing her, she liked the sensations she felt.

Soon the black guy decided to switch places. The paunchy man didn’t start ramming her throat but first looked at her face and in her eyes:

- “Do you wanna suck me bitch? The cock is right from your ass. Feel the smell.”

Anna was looking at the man with her mouth opened. She looked at the phallus now and then.

- “Answer when I’m asking you, you third-rate whore! Ask me to drill your mouth, bitch!” – He grinned smugly and started slapping her across the face with his shaft.

Anna knew it was the last stage of humiliation. She knew they would treat her worse than any other slut if she didn’t say anything. But she was so much aroused that she was ready for everything. She was offended and abused by such words cuz she let them use her gorgeous body.

- “Stop fucking her she thinks she’s such a V.I.P. bitch…” - the Latino told his friend.

The Afro-American took his cock out of her butt and started massaging her pussy with his hand. She moaned in less than a minute, trying to impale herself on his fingers.

- “So, bitch, ask us to fuck you!” – The fat guy said again.

- “Fuck me I’ll be your slut!” – Anna whispered trying to find the dick to get in her asshole.

The men burst into laughing.

- “Please, get your cocks back in my holes. I’ll do everything you want”, - she started begging them.

Those two bums were delighted to see a white pretty beauty asking them to drill her insides. They started ramming her together. They were switching places, positions, each of them came in all of Anna’s holes, and then they sucked her too. They left then. Anna was left lying in a puddle of stinky wee. It was about 4 o’clock in the morning when she stood up from the floor. The bartender woke her up using his heavy boots kicking her out of the bar. She got in her hotel and then went to the airport. She fell asleep in the plane. Her beloved husband was waiting for her at home…

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