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Breakfast with Ella

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Sex story Breakfast with Ella

A man comes from Russia to London for business and there he meets his wife’s friend who invites him to dinner, It’s going to be more than just a business trip, believe me!

Hi! I’m Todd! I’m hailing from England, but now I live and work in Russia. My wife is Russian, Svetlana! The story I’m gonna tell you about occurred a few years ago! After moving to Russia, I had the opportunity to return to London on business. One morning, I got a call from my wife’s best friend Ella inviting me to breakfast. She told me to wait in my hotel room, and that she would pull over a hotel to pick me up.

After about 30 minutes, there was a knock on my hotel room door. When I opened it, I saw Ella and she looked like I had never seen her. She was wearing no bra, with a tight top, and her perky nipples clearly protruded out of fabric. She was also in the shortest skirt I had ever seen, and those really hot high heeled shoes with a strap that goes around a shin. I thought we were heading straight out to breakfast, and started to leave the room. Ella had other ideas, and walked right into my hotel room. She proceeded to sit on the edge of the bed, and asked me to tell her about what sort of business brought me back to town.

After a rather small talk, Ella started to cross and uncross her legs. I have always loved women sitting with legs crossed coz it looks very sexy and exciting and it made me really feel hot! To my surprise, when she opened her legs wide, as if by chance while looking at the window on her right, I saw she was not wearing panties and her pussy was shaved clean.
My throat became dry as I kept trying to talk to this hot, sexy woman and avoid looking at her amazing stunning body. I felt very nervous and I sent a shudder down my spin. Unfortunately, the bulge in my pants gave me away, and Ella asked if there was anything I should have finished before breakfast. I stammered that I didn’t think of anything, but she said she could do it for me. She got off the bed immediately, came over to me, and began rubbing my hard cock through my pants. Her tits were practically against my face, and I pulled up her top instinctively and began to nurse, nibble and suck on her rock hard nipples. Ella began to moan, and her other hand started to rub her crotch.

I knew there was no way back from now, I should and could stop, so I stood up, removed her top, and then pulled down her skirt. Now, when she was totally naked, I could see her pussy juices running down her thighs. I leaned over and kissed Ella hot. Our tongues moved in each other’s mouths, and she began sucking my tongue like it was a cock. We stopped kissing to let her take my clothes off, and then moved to the bed. We went back to our kissing, and then Ella turned around and started kissing down my chest and stomach. Soon after that, she was licking my thighs, and her pussy was right in my face. That was almost on cue, we began the hardcore 69 action of my life. Her mouth felt so good on my cock, but licking and sucking her bare pussy really turned me on. I could tell I was ready to come, when she suddenly stopped her incredible cock sucking. She got on her knees, and then began to impale her pussy on my cock. I was getting closer and closer to cumming, and Ella suddenly lowered her dripping pussy down on my cock. She rode my shaft up and down, while fingering her clit. She was close to her own orgasm, but I couldn’t take long my own, and filled her pussy quickly with the largest load of cum I ever shot. After my cock stopped twitching, Ella climbed off me, and after that she settled right over my face. My cum was dripping from her pussy lips onto my mouth, and I caught them with my tongue. Within the next seconds, she came, and her thighs squeezed my head tight! We threw ourselves into each other’s arms and fell asleep. After a while, I woke up, with a feeling of someone’s mouth wrap around my shaft: that was Ella sucking on my newly hard cock. I came again quickly, and she sucked it till the last drop of my sperm. She then approached me closer and gave me a mouthful of my own cum. I swallowed every drop, and then I got down to her back again. After her second orgasm, Ella told me that my wife informed her about my fantasy of eating my own cum, but that my wife was afraid to fulfill this desire. So, Ella offered her “services” and told my wife she would handle this matter.

We never had sex again, but every time I see Ella, I recall that day when I had my best breakfast in my life!


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