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Carnival Night

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The soft light of the moon fell through the large theatrical windows, filling the room with a pleasant semi-darkness. Somewhere in the next room I heard the laughter of guests and the clinking of glasses. Pleasant music came from the next room.
     My chevalier began to kiss me eagerly, first on the lips, gently caressing them with his tongue, and then slowly sank lower and lower. With one hand he squeezed my chest, he first kissed the second, and then he began playfully driving the tongue around the nipple and gently suck it, giving me pleasure.
     He did not hurry, he waited, when I myself will begin to ask him to touch my pussy, to enter it. I could feel her grease begin to drip and start when his penis accidentally touched the labia. Meanwhile, his hands continued to slide over my naked body. On me there were only black stockings with bows of black silk ribbons, just above the knee.
     "Come into me, I can not any more," I gasped with excitement.
     He smiled back at me, did not take long to wait, and with strong hands squeezing my ass, planted me on his penis. He came in with ease because of the abundance of grease, giving a chomping sound. It seemed that he took out to the very womb. Even shocks, he began to fuck my pussy reveling in my juices. First slowly, then faster and faster. My flat tummy rubs against his stone press, even more exciting me. An indecent sound began to be heard from the blows of my elastic thighs about him.
     Pushing completely on his cock, I felt that he was becoming more and more, completely filling me. I began to push him even harder, feeling his balls press harder against my ass.
     I straightened, arching my back, and began to wave him faster, for he was already sweating and tired. He held his waist with his own hands, helping me.
     I looked out the window and the moon smiled at me, I felt that I would soon finish. Turning back, I saw two more of my companions.
     One of them got up and went to us, the second one continued to sit on the leather sofa and just watch. Their faces hid carnival masks.
     He came to me from the front and, kissing me on the tip of his nose, took out his dick. I took it in my hand, felt his warmth and saw a glint of grease on the naked head of an excited member in the light of the moon. From this, I was finally covered by a wave of orgasm, my whole body was shaking with pleasant cramps.
     My second lover, determined to take the initiative in his hands, gently took my chin and opened my mouth. Because of the orgasm that still shook me, and introduced unconsciousness, I could not resist him. I smelled the soap, and the lubricant that came from his penis. He put it on my tongue and, clasping my hands over my head, began to move forward in my mouth.
     "- Oh my God - I thought, - he just fucks my mouth."
     With powerful thrusts of his thighs, he literally thrust me into himself. Each time, deeper and deeper penetrating into my mouth.
     They continued to hold me for a while, to enjoy my body, but I knew that the third one would not be able to stand fast any more.
     The asterisk of my anus opened a little from the excitement that was even more exciting.
     As my second lover fucked my mouth, his cock embraced a bigger erection. I felt with my lips, how veins were blown up on him and the eggs beat against my chin. A thin stream of saliva dripped from them. From the excitement of his penis began to appear even more grease, getting into my mouth. He gently drew my head with his strong, muscular arms. When the head touched my throat, I realized that he wanted to get a royal blowjob, to penetrate the head into my throat and finish there. I was slightly frightened, because I had never so deeply taken a penis into my mouth, but I could not pull away, another man was fucking behind me, and I could not resist the strong hands of my lovers.
     At this point, I felt like someone touched my anal hole. The third partner was standing next to me, stroking my ass and watching what was happening. He wore a carnival mask, and she partially concealed his face.
     He, having moistened my secretions my ass, put his penis to the anal hole. The other two paused for a moment to let him enter me.
     I could not believe that this was happening to me.
     Somewhere outside the door, laughter and distant conversation were heard again. The ancient clock near the wall struck midnight.
     When a member of the third gentleman overcame the resistance of my delightfully resilient anus, I leaned a little more forward than usual, thereby helping to penetrate the member of the second lover in the throat. Then, when he took it out, I was able to see this handsome man in all its glory: the maroon head, the large swollen veins on the trunk pulsed, and he all glistened with my saliva. Without thinking twice, he again sent it to my hot mouth.
     Three strong men came into me from two sides: forward and a member, sliding on my tongue, enters the throat, back and I sit down at the same time with two holes.
     I knew that soon the end will come, and they all will pour in me with hot streams of sperm and try to enjoy this feeling. Orgasms rolled one after another. Like multicolored flashes in the sky from fireworks. My lovers kept me in balance and continued to fuck, enjoying me and reveling in my juices.
     My elastic and pink ring of the anus literally milked a huge member of the third lover. He furiously chopped my ass, every time pounding a member more and more, to ejaculate his seed as deep as possible. I slightly bent my back, allowing him to penetrate deeper into me.
     It is hard to convey in words, the feeling when three strong males love you at the same time. One tightly clamped my hips and fucked the butt, the other, as if in gentle clutches, held my head with my own hands and immersed my dick in my mouth to the very eggs that shone from its secretions and my saliva. The third uncontrollably hammered my pussy, approaching with every push to the finale.
     Our sweat and discharge mixed together, forming one common aura of sex and debauchery. In the center, which was me, all impregnated with their sweat and pre-cumulate, taking in three huge pulsating limbs.
     Soon my lover, who fucked pussy, breathed heavily, trying to get into me as deeply as possible, as men usually do before they finish. He froze and began to twitch. I realized that he cums, filling my pussy with his sperm.
     At that moment the second gently entered my mouth and, without letting go, froze. His cock pulsed more often and began to give out portions of the seed right into my throat. I could feel with my tongue how she jerks along his penis. Part of the sperm I did not have time to swallow, and it filled my mouth, draining over the chin.
     When my third lover began to cum in my ass, I swam. I felt his semen fills my gut to the point of failure, and he kept on continuing to have me again and again. My ass squished from the abundance of sperm and grease, it accelerated and pushed it again and again, persistently continuing its business. It lasted another ten minutes, then he quickly pulled it out, came up to me from the front and lifted the cock to my lips. I obediently opened my mouth, and began to milk his cock with his hand.
     One, two, and a warm sperm sprinkled into my tongue. I began to caress his tongue with the pulsating head of his penis, and the sperm filled my mouth with fresh portions and I accepted them gratefully, kissing him.
     From the overabundance of sperm and the set, my orgasms, I lost consciousness.
     When I woke up, I realized that they had already left, but apparently recently. The sperm on my face is still dry.
     I stayed a little longer, and enjoyed the sensation of being fucked by three men.
     The taste of sperm still felt in my mouth, small threads of the male seed began to flow from my holes.
     Dressing my pink panties, I did not wipe anything between my legs, I wanted to have some more time with me. I wiped the cum from my face, put on the mask, and my beautiful black dress. Then she went out to the guests, the carnival was in full swing.

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