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Defloration of my favorite butt

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First anal experience can be very exciting for a couple, the only thing people say, after trying anal sex is that it’s worth trying!


I had first erotic fantasies about anal sex with Nadya in a week since we moved in. Her beautiful tasty butt had been seducing me for long but I wasn’t sure if Nadya could let me fuck her anally. We both were not so experienced lovers and only got to know each other’s sexual preferences. None of us had any anal experience before.

I surfed the net to find out more about the THING. I learnt three main rules: the anus had to be well lubricated, one mustn’t be in a hurry, one mustn’t go on if it hurt badly in order not to traumatize the anus. It didn’t seem to be too sophisticated. I decided to try it all in practice.

It was weekend we both were enjoying ourselves lying in bed all day long, as we didn’t have to go to college. I started fondling Nadya with my tongue, sliding lower and lower all the time. When I reached her pink fantastically smelling bosom Nadya turned round and sucked on my dick. I loved petting, as well as she. Nadya knew what she had to do to please me orally. She was sucking the dick along the stem, or playing with the dickhead, or sucking on the phallus. She was driving me mad when I was cumming in her mouth. She was happy to swallow all my sperm to the last drop.

That time I was planning to cum another way… I turned her on her belly and started massaging her pussy and her butt simultaneously. Her moaning and crying proved I was doing everything right. It was time to get to the main thing. There was a cream tube standing on the bedside table. Nadya used it for her hands. I took some cream and started spreading it over her butthole. My fingers were trembling with excitement and arousal. My other hand was busy with her leaking cave. Nadya was moaning quietly swaying her gorgeous butt trying to catch the tempo of my caress. I lubricated the dickhead too to make it easier to penetrate her hole.

My thumb and the index finger spread her buttocks. I couldn’t help admiring the pic I saw; her wet swollen pussy was shivering slightly, her small tight asshole was seen up over the pussy…

I was holding the stem with my right hand and pressed its dark red head against the virgin hole. I thrust in. I overcame the sphincter resistance and the dickhead got in her butt.

- No, no! Stop it! – Nadya cried out and jerked frontward to slide off the dick. I was afraid I hurt her anus so I got the cock out.

- It hurts! It damn hurts! You’re just tearing me apart! – She whined.

- Sorry. I’m so sorry, babe. – I pressed her close, kissing her face and her neck.

I got nothing horrible happened. I was racking my brains trying to think up a way to repeat the attempt to fuck her butt. Though Nadya was asking me to lay off anal sex till the next time I was getting hotter. I could hardly understand what she was saying. All I knew for sure was that I was determined to ram Nadya’s asshole.

- Don’t be scared, - I whispered hoarsely kissing her petite ear. –I’ll be very careful and gentle. I’ll enter you very slowly. I won’t hurt you. – I was saying repeatedly, fondling her pussy and her asshole with my fingers.

When she relaxed and her body started responding to my caress I turned her to the stomach again, putting a pillow under her belly. Nadya was shivering with fear and arousal. I lubricated her ass again and started entering her hole slowly. My babe was squeezing her buttocks and fidgeting trying to evade my penis poking at her rectum but I was unbelievably persistent aiming at reaching my goal at all cost. To do everything right I poked the dick at her anus and pushed falling on Nadya.

- Hurts! – She cried out loud. - Stop it! Stop! It hurts! No, no! – She was bucking like a snake under my body vainly trying to escape.

I was holding her tight, entering her wonderful hole deeper and deeper. Her cries made me even hotter and wilder. I felt I was tearing her apart. I clearly realized how much pain I made her feel. I wanted to make it even more painful. Her anus was holding the dick tight. The cock was half way in. The muscles didn’t let me get deeper.

-You’re gonna tear me! Please, stop, - I heard her crying. – I don’t want it, stop!

-Tsh, don’t cry, - I whispered loudly.

I pressed her with my body, burying her face in the pillow. It became difficult for her to breathe. Nadya was trying to get some air, she was crying something in the pillow, but I couldn’t make out the words. She had no way to escape. She was lying that way, and I was trying to penetrate her butt deeper. It’s apparently that light suffocation made her relax the anus muscles and I entered her wonderful butt at full length of my prick! I started fucking her wildly and fast. I was passion-crazed. Nadya was jerking her legs, never giving up hope to get away from my dick in her butt, but she wasn’t as strong as I was so she just had to give up soon. She was hardly conscious.

To make sure she was still breathing I grasped her hair and pulled her head up. She was gulping for air unable to utter a word.

Tears washed her pretty face.

- Don’t… - She wheezed.

I didn’t let her say the phrase and pressed her face against the pillow again. The pillow was wet through with her tears. I was drilling her ass with strong thrusts, feeling hot liquid inside – it was Nadya’s blood. It was real anal defloration… My lovely babe was totally exhausted. I threw away the pillow. She was breathing wheezy, regaining the consciousness. I slowed down the tempo and rose up on my hands to see my cock entering her butt. The phallus was all covered by her blood, which was a very nice lubrication. The pic made me crazy. I bit her neck. The new pang woke her up. I was ready to overcome her resistance again but all of a sudden I felt her impaling on my shaft instead. Pain moaning turned into lusty moaning.

- Deeper, - Nadya moaned. I couldn’t believe what I heard. – More, more… Fuck me, tear me, deeper, more…

All right girl! I let her neck go and started ramming her frantically, feeling a huge tsunami wave of orgasm approaching me. Nadya felt the same…

- Aaaaaa, - our moaning echoed in the room.

I was erupting more and more cumloads in her asshole, feeling like losing consciousness too. I fainted with the last orgasm wave. When I opened my eyes Nadya was lying by my side, caressing my hair.

- I’m sorry babe, - I said ashamed, - I don’t know what came over me…

Nadya smiled and hugged me.

- It was so painful and sweet… - She whispered.

- Thank you, - we both said simultaneously and burst into laughing.



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