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Get away from it all

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Sex story Get away from it all

A guy who is sick and tired of the treadmill finally goes on vacation where he wants to relax and get away from it all, there he meets a sexy chick who will help him to forget the job he hated, but will that last long?


It was the fourth day of Petr’s vacation, he was lying lazily on the sun lounge with his eyes half-closed trying to think of nothing, the year at work was very arduous so he was just trying to get all he could from the vacation. It was a quite relaxing leisure for him and he didn’t want to engage in any of the silly activities like playing tennis or beach ball, all he wanted to do was to do nothing, it was about 4 p.m and he still hadn’t left the hotel, it was almost empty as everyone went to the beach, but Petr was having a pretty good time lying by the hotel swimming pool, he had finished his second beer and was too relaxed to walk to the bar and get another beer, he wanted to call the bartender but he wasn’t anywhere around.

Petr lazily raised from the lounge and made his way to the bar, there were plenty of beer bottles but he chose his favorite German brand. “Well, it’s time to hit the beach, the heat is wearing off and it would be just fine to stroll along the coast and breathe in the salty air”, Petr thought to himself. He didn’t like crowds and he wanted to be at the beach along, with no people around, he was too tired of people, his job back in the city was to sell houses and apartments, he was a real-estate agent and dealing with people was his job. He could meet ten or fifteen clients in a day and each of them had his own questions and complaints, he had to convince them, reason them, talk them into something they didn’t want to and all that made him sick of people so during the vacation he liked to be absolutely alone and undisturbed.
It was about 7 p.m. when he finally arrived at the beach, the sun was about to hide and Petr was hoping that the beach would be completely empty soon. There were some people packing up and leaving and Petr sat near a saver’s booth, he still had the beer bottle and he wanted to finish it before it got too warm. Very soon the warm sun and the beer did their job and Petr felt as drowsy as never before, it was to feel the warm sand and Petr lay on his back and closed his eyes, the sea was calm and the waves were only nursing his ears and very soon he fell asleep to the sound of the waves. He couldn’t tell how much he was sleeping but the voice woke him up quite unexpectedly.

“Sir, excuse me, sir, are you alright?”, Petr was hearing that pleasant voice but he still thought that he was dreaming so he kept sleeping, hoping to hear that nice voice again.

“Sir, can you hear me”, now Petr felt someone slightly touching him on the shoulder. Petr slowly opened his eyes and saw a face of a young girl, who was probably a bit over twenty, she had a slim body and long legs, she was wearing a swim-suit that fitted her body perfectly and for a second Petr thought that he was still dreaming. What the hell was that young nymph doing at the beach, it was dark and, Petr glanced at his watch.

“Oh, hell, it’s past midnight, I just fell asleep and I wanted to relax here for about an hour, I gotta be going back to the hotel”, Petr murmured rubbing his eyes.

“Yeah, it’s pretty late and you are all by yourself, where are your friends?”, the girl asked looking at Petr’s body.

“I am alone on my vacation, I value my privacy and I can’t relax entirely when I am with someone”, Petr felt that this girl was exciting him more and more, he looked at her again and it seemed that her body looked perfect in the dark.

“But, what are you doing here at this time, I mean, it’s too late” Petr didn’t even complete the sentence

“I am on my night shift here, there are five live guards patrolling the beach in the day time and one is left for the night, I have night shifts once in five days”.

Petr looked up and saw the guard’s booth, now he notices some life vests lying near him. This girl was a life guard and a sexy life-guard she was. For a moment Petr wished he was drowning, he wanted to be saved by her, he wanted to feel her hands on his body, he wanted to press himself against her, she seems the perfect creature and Petr even felt his shaft getting harder.

“What’s your name, young lady” Petr asked wishing to keep the ball rolling.

“I am Natasha”, her voice sounded sweeter than ever and Petr almost lost his mind.

He tried to raise up a bit and suddenly felt his back hurt, he got it stiff from lying for several hours.

“Oh, let me help you with that, you need some massage and your back will be fine”, Natasha moved closer to Petr and started massaging his shoulders and his back, Petr really started feeling better and in a few seconds he felt an overwhelming desire to kiss her. He raised and moved his face closer to hers, Natasha didn’t lean back, on the opposite she almost touched his lips, Petr couldn’t hold it anymore and kissed Natasha, she replied him with a passionate kiss and in a few seconds they were lying on the warm sand kissing and caressing each other.

Petr took Natasha’s bra off and went for her breasts, they were firm and the nipples were hard, his hands were traveling all over her body and Petr caught himself on the thought that he had never touched a such a firm body, Natasha was fit, probably swimming and training everyday paid off and she could hit the podium and win the Ms. Bikini contest easily. Petr slowly took of her panties and saw her pussy that nearly drove him crazy. Natasha’s pussy was neatly shaved and there wasn’t a single hair on it, it was like a beautiful flower that Petr was now going to pluck. He dived to it immediately and thrust his tongue right into her tight pussy hole, Natasha moaned and lay back, Petr’s tongue was diving in and out her pussy, circling around looking for the magic spot and as soon as his tongue touched it Natasha let out a deep sigh encouraging him to focus more on it. Petr knew perfectly what it meant and focused all his attention on the tiny, red button that was shaking and trembling under his tongue.

Petr was taking his time and there was lots of space, lots of time, he was on vacation and he wanted to take everything he could from the opportunity of that one-night stand. Natasha’s body was shaking and Petr was going to make her remember him, his tongue was skillfully working on her clit and soon Natasha arched back and started moaning loudly, she was cumming and her orgasm was strong, Petr stopped for a while to wait till she calmed down and soon Natasha lay on the beach motionless. Petr spread her legs and his shaft easily penetrated her pussy that was wet and sizzling. He nearly came when he penetrated her, but he wanted to prolong the pleasure and started moving rhythmically inside her, Natasha’s pussy was so wet that Petr couldn’t feel any better than he was.

“Let’s step in the water”, Natasha suggested and her voice sounded as sweet as it could.

Petr pulled his shaft out and they made their way towards the warm sea and Petr could feel that his legs weren’t listening to him, they stopped when the water reached the level a bit above their knees, Natasha bent down and stuck out her ass, Petr couldn’t believe his eyes, it was like a dream and he didn’t want to wake up from it, he was on the beach with a beautiful girl, they were both in the water and she was offering her ass to him, Petr made a step to her and directed his dick to her butt, he first pressed his dickhead to the hole and moved it around a bit to make her get used to it, the waves were beating against their legs nursing them, Petr pushed his dick into Natasha’s butthole and she nearly fell down, they both laughed for a few seconds and then Petr tried again, this time he was more careful and his dick entered her inch by inch, he had never felt better in his life, he started moving faster and his shaft was tightly hugged by Natasha’s anus ring, the sound of his balls beating against Natasha’s ass and the sound of waves beating against their bodies united and they were lost for the universe for some time, unable to hold it anymore Petr shouted “I’m cumming”, and with these words Natasha moved forward and Petr’s dick went out of her anus, she quickly turned around and grabbed it with her hand and started jerking it, in a few seconds his shaft started shooting streams of sperm which were landing on her face and her hair she didn’t stop until she drained him completely and then she took his cock in her mouth and started licking it off clean, Petr was no longer himself, his legs refused to listen to him and they both fell into the sea. The water was warm and they spent some time splashing and bathing, there was no one around and Petr was starting to feel what happiness and paradise could mean. He just wanted to stay on that beach forever, he didn’t want the morning to come and the sun to rise again. He wanted it to last, just he and Natasha and the beach and nothing more.

“So, how long is your vacation going to last?” Natasha asked when they stepped on the beach again.

“Well, I’ve six days left and then I’ll have to go back to work” – The thought of going back to work made Petr sick, the reality was too harsh and the treadmill was getting him down. He looked at Natasha and understood that very soon he would get back to work and that meant he wasn’t going to see her again, he felt sick.

“So, I’ll be here until the season is over”, Natasha said keeping the ball rolling.

“And when is the season over?” Petr asked although he knew he couldn’t stay a day more on that vacation, that would mean being hired and that was the last thing he wanted.

“The season ends in October, as soon as it’s over I’ll go back to my home country, Brazil, I have to see my boyfriend, I am getting married this year” Natasha said and her voice sounded flat and neutral.

“Ok, was nice to meet you”, Petr couldn’t take it any longer, the happy day in his life was ending, he looked at the sky and noticed the Sun was about to rise, a new day was starting and Petr’s vacation was to last for five more days, after that, back to the treadmill and the life Petr hated….


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