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Liberation and revelation

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My wife and I lived together. Sex with us was regular, but Galya was quite restrained in pastels. No, she never refused me, and even, almost always, finished, but there was no diversity. She preferred a "missionary" posture, the caresses of the genitals were almost taboo. I did not want to force her, I did not give any results to talk on this topic. We both lost our virginity before the wedding, I did not consider myself entitled to reproach her for this, and being jealous of the past is stupid.
     Everything changed after we first watched porn for the first time . Very rare in those years (1987), the opportunity to see the sex of others, and even in the company of several friends, influenced my Galya (and me too) so much that she literally fucked me right after she came back home. It was a flurry of poses, caresses and words. Yes, and words: Galya began to use obscene words during intimacy.
     And for a long time we remembered what we saw, each time trying to come up with and do something new in the pastel.
     Once, after such furious sex, we lay relaxed and satisfied.
     "God, what a fool I was," Galya suddenly said,
     "How long have I held myself back." I love you very much and I've always wanted you very much, I really wanted to fuck with you, but I was afraid that you would consider me depraved, stop loving and abandon me. Dura, I've never even fondled your cock, and I wanted it so much, and almost did not let you caress my pussy. And now I have stopped restraining myself and it's so cool!
     -Smooth! I adore you! You so excite me, I like that you began to behave with me voraciously. It's such a blessing when your wife becomes a whore for you!
     - Cute! I so wanted you to call me that, but I was too shy to ask you.
     "You should not be embarrassed." Whatever you do, everything will be fine for me.
     "You know, I've always wanted to have sex with you, that often, when I was alone, I wanked my fingers."
     - Well, I also did not have enough sex and I jerked off often. True, this has not happened for a long time. I have an idea! Let's masturbate somehow, looking at each other?
     -Great! I always really wanted to see how you masturbate your dick!
     "You know, I was very worried that I was no longer a girl. It seemed to me that you would reproach me for this, but you were silent. Tell me, is this unpleasant for you?
     - Sun! You can not be jealous of what was before we met. Maybe it's strange, but the consciousness that I had someone before me even a little excites me. I even tried to imagine how it was, how you became a woman.
     "Would you really like to know what I had before you?"
     - Do not know, and hear it from you.
     "It's a bit strange, but it seems to me that I understand you." I'm still jealous of you, realizing that you fucked someone else, but, you're right, I want to hear from you in detail. Tell me?
     - Well, dear, but first you.

     Since six years we lived together with my mother. My father left us, and my mother no longer married. Sometimes men appeared in our house, but they always disappeared in the morning. From about ten I started to pay attention to the sounds coming from my mother's bedroom, but I did not associate it with sex, I did not know that word at that time. The very word I learned much later, after I learned other words.
     The first lesson of "sexual education" I had at twelve years. "Teacher" was a neighbor girl Olga, a student of the eighth grade. From her I and a few other of my peers learned that the pussy of men is called HUI, and in women - PISDA. That men like a woman's PISDA and SISKS, when a man WANTS a woman, his HUGE RISE and becomes big and hard. A man puts a dick in a cunt to a woman and they start Fucking. All men and women like to fuck, because it's very nice. And yet, that from this there are children, when a man descends into a woman's pussy his MALOFY, which pours out of a dick.
     I do not know, how for other girls, but for me this story changed my habitual life. I began to understand that there is some other life in which there are unknown pleasures to me that in this life the words that I used to know as curses for some reason really like me and mean something that I do not yet know , but I really want to know.
     From that moment, I began to perceive in a completely different way the sounds coming from my mother's bedroom. So, my mother EOB, she put in a pussy HUI and it is good for her!
     I began to often see myself in the mirror. I examined and touched my own, started to be filled with sisecks. I sat in front of the mirror, spread my legs apart and examined my pussy, pushing the sponges with my fingers. I already knew that the girls there have a COLOR, which is torn dick when the fuck is the first time. But, anyway, I could not understand how something could fit in there, especially the dick unknown to me! This male organ remained mysterious to me, and, from this, even more attractive and inviting. Of course, I saw pussy from little boys, and once I saw how my classmate wrote in the bushes, but it was only pussy. Ah, HUY? No, I could not imagine him. Probably, therefore, the desire to see it, and, even better, to touch, became very strong and exciting for me. It's strange, but I had no desire to have sex with any of my peers. I even shied away from trying to look after me.
     The men who came to my mother usually showed up late at night when I went to bed. I tried to spy at the door of the bedroom, but nothing worked. Only sounds, and the consciousness of what is fucking, acted on me more and more exciting. I learned to caress myself with my fingers, the word MORNING I found out later.
     At the age of fifteen, I was already a fully formed girl. At school, I was considered a touchy person who does not want to be friends with any of the boys.
     One day, one of my mother's childhood friends appeared in our house. His name was Oleg. In my opinion, he once was in love with his mother, but she did not marry him. Oleg came for a couple of days from somewhere far away. This was the first mother's man I met. I always saw others only in passing. Oleg was very handsome. Mom said: "My God, what you have become: If I could imagine that you would become such: Everything could have been different."
     At night, of course, I was under the door. And of course I caressed myself. But, this time, for the first time I felt that I WANT to be in the mother's place. And not even because I wanted to fuck: I really wanted to see it HIM!
     I fell asleep just before morning. There was a vacation and I did not need to go to school. Mom before going to work woke me up and said that Oleg (uncle Oleg) would still stay with us.
     - Prepare something for breakfast, I do not have time.

My sleep blew off like a wind. I'm left alone in the apartment with him! I quickly took a shower, put on my robe and went to the bedroom door. His heart was beating like mad. Oh, a miracle! The door was ajar. I looked. Oleg slept on my mother's bed. No, I did not see what I expected. He was covered up to the waist with a light blanket. But I knew, there under the blanket, what I dreamed of so long ago. Quietly opening the door, I entered the room. She looked at Oleg for several minutes. Very much it would be desirable to throw away a blanket, but I did not dare. Oleg probably felt my eyes and opened his eyes.
     "Checkbox, what are you doing here?" Is it time to get up? What time is it now?
     I was silent.
     Oleg looked at me, and I could feel his eyes all over my skin.
     "You look very much like your mother." The one I knew then. You are very beautiful.
     Until now, I can not explain myself how I decided. My hands opened themselves and threw off their robe. Oleg raised himself slightly on the bed.
     "What are you doing, girl?" This is wrong, you should not:
     And then I saw that the light blanket TAM began to rise. Stronger and stronger.
     - Uncle Oleg, I like you very much, I also want to look at you.
     I walked closer and pulled the edge of the blanket. Oleg made no attempt to detain him. He just leaned back against the pillow.
     And I saw. It was exactly the miracle I had expected for so long. I can not now describe it, neither the size nor the shape. It was just beautiful. Very beautiful.
     - It's called HUI?
     Oleg nodded silently.
     - Can I touch?
     - Oh, my God, the girl!
     Slowly, I reached out my hand and touched it first with my fingertips, and then wrapped my whole palm around it. The feeling was inexpressible. Yes, it was exactly Hui! He should be like that.
     Oleg groaned and closed his eyes. I instinctively began to move my hand along the trunk, gently squeezing it exactly as it was needed. Nobody taught me what to do, but I touched the eggs with my other hand and felt Oleg's body tighten even more. He groaned loudly, the dick in my hands became even harder, pulsed, and suddenly a hot stream hit me in the face, then again and again:
     And between my legs, everything was burning for a long time, although I did not touch my pussy, and suddenly I felt the hot, strong waves, arising between my legs, fill my whole body. I sank to my knees moaning and the world disappeared. I must have lost consciousness for a few minutes. When I woke up, Oleg stood beside me, and I lay on the bed. Oleg wiped me with a towel.
     "Girl, how you frightened me." Are you okay?
     - Yes. I just felt really good.
     - I was also very well. But: - he paused,
     - I think it's wrong, I had to stop you and myself, but I could not. Forgive me, girl. I think I should leave. I can not look into your mother's eyes.
     A few minutes later the front door slammed and I was left alone.
     That's how I became a woman, remaining a virgin.
     And I was torn off after two years by a classmate at a school evening. We danced a few dances and he led me to an empty classroom, where everything happened. Practically, I felt nothing but pain. And for a long time I had no one. And then you appeared.
     Galya's story really excited me. I silently took my wife's hand and began to kiss my hand tenderly. Galya was sitting next to me, and her gaze was fixed on my bulging barrel. She seemed to see him for the first time. In her eyes were surprise, admiration, desire and something else.
     Galya slowly reached out her hand and touched the dick first with her fingertips, and then wrapped her entire palm around her. The feeling was inexpressible. She began to move her hand along the trunk, gently squeezing it exactly as it was needed. The second hand touched the eggs and began to lap them gently, filling my body with a sweet languor.
     I seem to have disappeared. No, it did not disappear, I was all there, inside my excited trunk, along which gorgeous, desired fingers glided gently and quickly. I rushed all up and suddenly a hot stream poured out on Galya's face and chest, then again, and again and again:

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