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It was in the first hour of the night. I came back from the party and was slightly drunk. I stood on the platform "Petrovsko-Razumovskaya" and waited for the train. There was nobody around. At the parties my friends had many girls, but I did not get close to one of them. And I could not, unlike my friends take the girl to the bathroom and there's plenty to fuck with her. My friend Igor took the most beautiful: Olga. I became a casual witness of what they were doing in the bathroom. They were both drunk and did not close the doors in the bathroom. I must admit I like to spy on this kind of fun. At first they stood and just kissed. Their hands wandered each other's bodies. Igor's hand massaged his back and Olya's ass. Olya's hand made similar movements on the body of Igorka. Then Olya offered to undress. They began to frantically tear off their clothes and each other. Olya took off her skirt and slowly lowered the little red panties, which were caught by the hairs in the perineum. From one sight it was possible to finish in trousers. Igorek did not lag behind. He threw off his jeans. He took off his panties and jumped out from under them like his red one and not at all a little dick. And revealed his small and muscular ass. Now they were ready to act. Olya lay down on the washing machine, which was standing in the bathroom, and gave Igor his magnificent ass and a wet pussy calling himself. Igor did not take long to wait and literally broke into the warm interior of Olga. She cried out in surprise. All that I saw further is Igor's moving ass. Back and forth. Back and forth. This spectacle was beyond my strength. I needed to find any hole for my dick. I was ready to break in and tear down Igor's ass only to find a haven for my burning flesh. I rushed into the toilet and began to masturbate madly. And before his eyes was the moving ass of Igor.
    From this remembrance my pants parted and a stain appeared in the appropriate place. Well, there was no one around.
    At last the train approached. I went into the car. There was no one in it except the sleeping girl. I sat opposite her and I must admit the sight I saw was pleasant in every respect. She was in a short skirt and sat slightly apart. I wondered what color her panties had and I bent down to find out. What I learned was a shock to me. Instead of seeing the white or red material of the panties, I saw a magnificent hair-covered pussy. My very independent friend immediately pointed out the right direction.
I could not help myself with anything. I sat down with the girl and put my hand on her knee. She did not feel anything. I stroked my knee and started to go up the thigh. Higher and higher, lifting up my skirt I touched her warm mandala. She did not wake up but suddenly spread her legs wider and languidly mumbled. I started the exercises with her pussy. With his other hand unbuttoning his pants. I pulled out my swollen cock and froze in perplexity.
    What to do next?
    You can imagine: She wakes up my hand in her pussy ... From the pants sticks out a red instrument ... She does not understand me correctly ...
    Then she really woke up and looked at me. She said
    -My name is Sveta.
    After a long pause, I said
    -And I'm Lesha.
    -Continue what I started! she ordered.
    After a short delay I continued.
    Roughly threw her into the seat, parted her legs and began to lick her between her legs. She again mumbled. I continued with even more frenzy. After a while she cried out:
    - Fuck me!
    I did not take long to beg, and went into it. I increased the tempo by stringing the Light on my instrument. After a while we both finished. Then the train approached the station and Sveta said:
    -I need to get out.
    And quickly ran out on the go dropping her skirt on the bare ass. I did not have time to do anything.
    This meeting at night in the subway left a long memory in me and in my medical record.

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