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My neighbors’ butts

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My neighbors’ butts Sex story

It’s nice to have a house in the country especially when your neighbors are two, hot young chicks who love to sunbathe and flash their tight butts….


When I got divorced I had to sell the house to give half of its sum to my ex wife. Whether she deserved it or not is another question, which I’m not willing to discuss now. So, I had to move to a smaller house in a poorer district.

Soon I realized how lucky I was when I chose my hovel to live in and to buy. I had so much free space in my house, due to the fact that I didn’t have to buy two closets and several wardrobes for my wife’s stuff, besides I didn’t have to tell anybody why I needed another bottle of beer in my fridge, and why my friend Roy called me a 11.30 pm…

I was also happy to find out that my kitchen windows overlooked the garden of my neighbors. And my new neighbors were two cute students. The best thing was that they loved to lie in the sun in the garden wearing very tiny bikinis. I even decided to bring a chair to the kitchen to watch them. When they began to spread tan lotion over each other’s body, I often thought my fly would be torn apart by my cock and I would have to throw my pants away.

Once on a sunny day in July one of my pretty neighbors noticed me watching them. What was I to do? I had to say “hi” and opened my window.

-Hi, - I heard them say.

-Hi, girls! Would you like some soda? Or beer?

-We’d love to! – They said simultaneously.

In a minute they were knocking at my door. On my way to open the door I was racking my brains, trying to find a way to hind my huge boner. As the day was very hot, all I was wearing that time were light cotton shorts. Then I thought “hell with it…”, and opened the door for them.

-I’m Connie, - said the taller girl, - and this is Laura.

Connie was some two inches taller than her friend. Her hair was also darker that Laura’s. Laura got in, pointing at a large bed in my bedroom. Connie smiled broadly. Everything was fine yet. The girls didn’t see the bulge in my pants. But suddenly Connie said.

-See you got a problem over there, under your shorts…

-What are you talking about? – I asked trying to hide my embarrassment. Laura giggled. –Sit down, I’m gonna bring you your soda pop.

I ran out to the kitchen. I wondered how old they were. Maybe they were not 21 yet and had no right to drink?

-Girls are you allowed to drink beer at all? How old are you by the way? – I was crying from out the kitchen.

-I’m 20, - Connie said,- and Laura is 19. Are you not gong to give us beer or what? It was you who offered to drink!

Meantime, I was trying to do something with my shorts to make the boner less visible. My attempts were not successful. When I got back into the living room with two glasses of soda pop, the first thing I heard were Connie’s words:

-Look, Laura, he thought we wouldn’t notice!

Laura got off the couch and took off her panties. Then she leaned against the couch, sticking out her petty butt, and called me:

-Don’t be shy! C’mon and enter my butt with your dick!

I was shocked!!! Connie pulled off my shorts, leaving me standing totally naked with my hard on. I still couldn’t believe it was happening to me! While I was standing like a real idiot, Connie went to the bathroom and brought a tan lotion to the room. She threw it on the couch near Laura, who was standing showing me her well shaven pussy, swaying her hips. Connie got on her knees too, opened Laura’s wet vulva lips with her hand, and began fucking her friend’s snatch with her finger.

I kept on standing in the middle of the room, listening to Laura’s moaning, jerking my cock. Soon I could think clearly, I moved the coffee table to aside. Laura saw this and got in the middle of the room, standing in doggy fashion and showing me all her holes.

Connie spread lotion over my dick, then took it in her hand and brought me closer to her friend. When a pretty girl grasps your dick and directs into the asshole of another pretty girl, believe me it’s something incredible! I got on my knees behind Laura. Connie pressed my dickhead to her friend’s butt, and I began to penetrate it. I couldn’t do it at once, so I had to press harder. Laura bit her lip, tears were flowing down her cheeks but she never said a word till I reached the sphincter. Only then she whispered for me to stop. In a minute her butt muscles relaxed, and I could enter her wonderful butt at my pecker’s full length.

Connie was lying under us, licking my balls with her gentle tongue, while I never stopped ramming into her friend. I was thrusting in, accelerating the tempo. I still couldn’t fully realize that I was drilling a cute girl’s ass, while her friend was working her tongue in my scrotum. When I could no longer feel Connie’s frisky tongue it meant she was busy with Laura’s pussy, while my knob was in Laura’s asshole. It was a real porn movie!

I suddenly felt Connie’s palm on my buttocks. Her wet finger got in my butt. Her finger was screwing me, while I was screwing her friend! Laura’s ass was wonderful; it was so firm, so gentle. Connie’s finger got in my ass at its full length.


I was cumming. Connie took my pulsing dick out of her friend’s butt and directed it inside her own mouth. She swallows all my cum and licked her lips clean lustfully, looking at me. Laura got on her feet.

-So, what does this stud taste like?

I found out a lot more about tongues, asses, and pussies of my neighbors that day. They both turned out to be real sex freaks. Most of all they liked to lick the pussy of each other and the dick, when one of them was being rammed in the ass. You know, I’ve never regretted I got divorced!


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