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Present to my birthday

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Present to my birthday sex story

My girlfriend Irina is 26, she’s a tall girl with, long dark hair. She’s got long legs, beautiful firm butt and boobs. Men always leer at her on the street. Well, I like it, I mean it’s ok with me when they’re looking at her, cuz no matter what but it’s me who fucks her!

Irina likes such games, she loves to be looked at, she’s a sort of a flasher. She likes to wear tiny shorts, and she never wears bras under her small tops. When her nipples get hard and they get to be seen through the tops, all men around are literally drooling over her body. If they could only know how wild she is during sex! She can be really slow seducing me, or she can be a wild furious cat pouncing on me to fuck her.

She loves blowjob. She can do it the way nobody else can. She’s so skillful, her tender lips are sliding up and down my stem, her tongue is caressing my balls… I’m on the verge of bliss when she gets my shaft in her throat and starts sucking it. I always cum in her mouth and she always drinks all of my juices till the last drop. Sometimes she lets semen drops fall on her boobs, she knows it drives me crazy!

Once we had a very intimate talk after a wild orgy. We were talking about the things that were biggest turn-ons for us. I said I loved her to play with my anus (she is really good at it; sometimes she almost fucks my butt with her tongue till I cum). Irina in her turn said she wanted to see me fucking her friend. I loved the idea! We were choosing the one to fuck. We remembered about Ulia, she used to say she liked me. Ulia had a terrific butt! She also had long legs, but she was a blonde. She was into fashion and really liked mini skirts. But anyways, her butt was her strongest point.

I must confess I had a hard-on when I imagined my balls hitting her buttocks. I liked Irina’s idea more and more. We decided Irina would try to talk to Ulia. We didn’t talk about it for a month or so, but then when I arrived at Irina’s place I saw Ulia’s car parked in the garage. That was a great discovery, at least my cock liked it a lot. When I was getting to the door, I stuck my hand in the pocket and squeezed the dick impatiently.

I came in the house and saw Ulia’s books and coat in the living room. I didn’t see the girls there. I got upstairs and heard some noise from the bed room. Looked like somebody was having fun in the bed. I peeped in the room and saw Irina and Ulia fondling each other in position 69. Ulia was on the top and I could see her ass. Irina was fucking her friend with the tongue. She was really vigorous licking the snatch. I could see her tongue sliding up and down in the hole. Ulia was moaning, impaling herself on the tongue.

I came into the room. I was standing right in front of the bed to see Ulia’s mouth at Irina’s pussy. She was moving her head up and down, sucking my babe’s clit. Irina was arching her back, trying to give more of her snatch for sucking and licking. Her hips were spread wide apart, they were quivering. I might have made some noise as they both suddenly paused, staring at me. Irina started laughing, while Ulia was trying to cover her body with the blanket. She definitely didn’t expect me to come. She was blushing, unable to say a word. I didn’t say anything, I was kissing Irina. That seemed to calm Ulia down.
I turned to her and stared kissing her too. My tongue was exploring her mouth. She was sucking my tongue. I threw away the blanket to see her gorgeous body. Her nipples were hard and erect. She was breathing heavily when I moved my hand over her breasts, pinching the nipples. Ulia closed her eyes and relaxed, letting me explore her body in full. I lowered my hand to her belly and spread her hips. Her twat was still wet after Irina’s kisses. I entered her hole with a finger and started moving it inside. She sighed. I never stopped fingering her and squeezing her boobs tighter. Irina moved up closer and started licking her friend’s lips. She was almost fucking her friend’s mouth with the tongue, actually.

I started dressing off. My dick was rocky hard. I go on my knees before Ulia’s body, my shaft was right in front of her face. Then Irina kissed the dickhead. She was sucking on the shaft, while Ulia was watching us. Irina took my phallus in her hands and moved it across Ulia’s face. Ulia was trying to reach for it with her tongue. My penis was so aroused that it hurt, but when Ulia stared licking the head it was pure bliss. I moved up closer to her and her lips parted, sucking on the stem, letting it get deep in her throat. I hadn’t felt that much pleasure for a long time. She was moving her tongue up and down the stem, sucking it at the same time. She was as great at sucking as Irina.

Meantime, Irina was caressing her pussy. I was sitting on Ulia’s chest. Her boobs were under my body and I could see my dick hiding in her mouth. All of a sudden Irina stared licking my anus. She was driving her tongue in my hole while I was ramming her friend’s mouth.

After some minutes of such a caress Irina made Ulia stop sucking me and turn on her belly to stick out her soft butt. Irina smiled at me and started licking Ulia’s pussy. I was standing by their side, so soon she directed my pecker in the bosom. I was entering it slowly. The vulva lips were holding the dickhead tight, drawing it inside. Irina was fondling her tits watching me drilling her friend’s cunt. I was ready to erupt. As soon as I moaned I was about to cum, Irina took my dick in her mouth and swallowed all of my semen. She was sucking my cock draining it. Cumshots hit her face, her wide opened mouth. Her mouth was filled with my hot white sperm. She licked her lips clean and started kissing Ulia vehemently. She was sort of sharing the nectar with her friend. Small drops of cum were dripping on their boobs from the mouths. It was the most arousing pic in my life! Then we all fell down on the bed, we all were exhausted.

I must have fallen asleep as when I woke up I felt somebody’s hot mouth playing with my cock and my balls. Both friends were kissing my flaccid dick and sucking my testicles. My prick was getting harder when they were sucking on it in turn. I was lying on my back, enjoying the scene. Irina smiled at me:

-She says you rock!

Ulia raised her head and I kissed her.

-I’ve wanted you for so long and when Irina offered me the threesome I just couldn’t say no. We were waiting for you and we started fondling each other and then you came…
I also said I loved to have fun with both of them. I knew Irina’d had some girl-girl relations before, but no too often and not too much. Ulia noted they had the first sex just to see what it was like.

Irina was caressing my dick. Her mouth was sliding up and down my hard cock. Ulia was watching enchanted. Then she said:

-I can’t believe you get it all in your mouth! Well. I can do it too, but your mouth has always been larger.

Then the girls lay down on my sides, they stared licking my nipples. Irina asked me if I remembered what date it was. Of course, I didn’t! But it was my birthday! Man, I forgot all about it!

-Ulia is my present for you, -Irina said, - you can do what ever you want to do with her. She’s ready to please you in all the ways she can.

Ulia nodded and smiled. I didn’t need much time to think up the entertainment. Her butt was so beautiful! The hole was tight and I wanted to fuck it!

-Anything I want? – I asked them.

-Sure, - they both said.

Then I asked Irina if she wanted to see me owning her friend’s butt.

-Yeah I want it! But you’ll have to fuck me too! I also wanna feel you in my butt. I want Ulia to look at us.

Ulia was standing on her fours on the bed. Her butt was sticking out high. I could see her anus. Irina started licking her pussy and her asshole to get them prepared for my knob. My cock was still wet with Irina’s saliva. I was standing behind Ulia. I spread her buttocks. I poked the dickhead at her asshole and stared entering it slowly. At first I failed to do it, but then I made a push and the dickhead got inside the rectum. It was damn tight and hot. The girl shrieked. I was taking my time, giving time for her sphincter to relax, and then I entered her butt at the full length of my dick. My balls were against her pussy. Her ass was filled with my stem.

I was standing still for a while. Ulia got used to the size of my dick and started impaling herself on my shaft. She was moving non-stop. My dick was all in her butt! It was fantastic! I wanted to get even deeper.

Irina was looking at us, getting her pussy fingered. Then she got on her knees by Ulia’s side, was sticking out her butt for me. I got my prick out of Ulia’s hole and started entering my babe’s one. I was really slow fucking her, I was sticking my finger in Ulia’s pussy at the same time. I was fucking two gals at once!

Then I impaled Irina on my shaft at its full length and then got it out of her hole, leaving just the dickhead in her anus. Then I repeated it several more times. It was fantastic!

Ulia was playing with my finger while I was fucking her friend. Then I stuck my finger in her ass and she impaled herself on it, making me get deeper. She was riding my finger like crazy. I took my dick out of Irina’s butt and stared drilling Ulia’s hole again. There was no problem for my cock to get in her stretched rectum. I was really enjoying anal sex with two babes.

I was getting hotter, I was really wild screwing Ulia’s butt. My balls were hitting her cunt. Irina was standing behind me, licking my anus too. Her tongue in my hole and my shaft in Cone’s butt were moving in sync. I felt like cumming. I got as deep inside Ulia’s ass as I could and started spurting my semen. I was trembling erupting in the cutie’s insides. I wanted to fill her butt with my juices. Ulia was moaning loudly, trying to impale herself deep on my shaft. We came simultaneously.

In a while I got my stem out of Ulia’s rectum.

-Happy birthday, honey! – Irina said. – If you could only know what kind of a present I’ve got for you for Novyi God!

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