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Sex story about Special day

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Sex story about Special day

First anal experience can be scary for a young, sweet girl, but she has to try it otherwise her boyfriend is going to leave her, but first she decides to try it with two of her male friends, just to get some experience…

It’s great that there are things that make our lives not so boring and routine. I want to tell you about one of such stories in my life. I’m not a writer, and I’ve never written stories before, so don’t be too strict! The names are all real, and I tried to reproduce the sequence of episodes as they were. I don’t care that names are real. Who cares?! Anyway, I hope it will be interesting.

Kolya and I are colleagues for three years now. I know him for most part of my life – we used to go to one and the same college. Then we both got married and had children. We always used to spend much time together, we went fishing, camping, just partied together.

Once he called me:

-Hi! What’s up? Listen, I have an interesting proposal here. It’s an interesting job with a good salary, promotion. If you want I can recommend you too.

-Why not, thank you (that time I was working for a small insignificant corporation). I have nothing to lose anyway. Besides, I didn’t really like my job. So I agreed.

That’s how we became colleagues. It was a brand new project, so it took us a lot of time and efforts to work it out. The first year was the most difficult. We had to work for 12 hours a day. But we were young, ambitious and vigorous. We made it. The salary was good.

Seemed everything was fine. We had a good office for two. Then our bosses thought a little and here we were – there were three of us sitting there – Kolya, me, and a new girl from another department, Olga. I can’t say we were happy about it. We were deprived of all this man talking, you know. It was uncomfortable.

But it turned out to be not so bad. Olga was a special girl. First, she was very beautiful. Second, she was smart. It already seemed to be too much for one girl. But there was more. She was very sociable. In about two weeks it seemed like we’d always been working together. We had a lot in common. So, in short, soon Kolya and I realized how lucky we were.

Olga knew what she deserved. She knew men’s reaction when she was wearing a short skirt. She knew she had two ways to get success in life – a short way and a long one. She chose the long one. Good for her!

We used to dine together and spend much time in bars drinking beer and playing billiards. She told us the things people are usually unwilling to share with strangers. We knew when she had period and tried to be most tactful on those days – we gave her a ride to work and back home. We tried to buy something tasty for her. Sometimes we gave her flowers, just for no special reason.

She was also very attentive to us. She could try a new bikini or new lingerie when we were around. On my birthday she danced striptease right in our office on one of the tables. We really liked it. We both, Kolya and I wanted her. We used to go to sauna all three of us. Olga always came with her friend Ally.

They were not a bit embarrassed to undress before us. I often helped Ally to spread honey over her body before going to the steam room. Ally was a stocky girl who was daily dreaming of losing some pounds. She sincerely believed that steam room was of great help here. I had never believed in this theory, thinking that there are other ways to lose some weight, like, for example, sport and good diet (which is not based on junky food!!!!). Besides her plumpness was very becoming to her. She was stocky, it’s true, but she wasn’t flabby. She had a tiny waist and round hips.

So Ally lay on the bench. I took honey and sat at her feet. I loved the procedure. I spread honey over her calves, her hips. My fingers left light prints on her body. Then I rubbed her shoulders, arms, hands, her back, and then went down to her butt. Rubbing honey on it I moved her buttocks apart. I could see a small anus and opened vulva lips.

By the way Ally and Olga always had well trimmed pussies. So I saw no hair in Ally’s crotch. She was sure to know WHAT I saw when rubbing her with honey. She was always sighing and giggling. She liked the process, so did I.

When I was through with her back, I slapped her on the cheek and asked to turn around. Now I could see her belly and her breasts. Her tits were wonderful. They were not sagging and had very nice light pink nipples. Nipples got harder when I touched them. Ally closed her eyes dreamily. Then I slid her legs apart and put them on my legs. Imagine what a beautiful picture I saw.

I saw her blushing cheeks, her boobs, her stomach, piercing in her navel, and… well, you know what I’m talking about. I saw her petite pussy with opened lips. She was always wet by that moment. She was breathing heavily and I can swear God I saw her breasts rise with heart beat.

When I was busy with her legs I always tried to touch the lips. She quivered trying to bring the legs together. She never said a word for me to stop. Frankly speaking, I was aroused by the moment too, but I tried to stay cool.

Ally could not get to the steam room on her own (or maybe she just didn’t wanna do it along). I took her in my arms and brought to the room. She got all sweat there.

Then we went to the shower, and I washed the honey and sweat off her body. Here I could touch and caress her snatch as much as I wanted. I brought her lips apart, feeling her warmth. I could easily see her clit, I just couldn’t miss it! I was fondling it with my finger, feeling Ally’s reaction to my movements. But whenever I tried to finger her, she pressed her legs tight, leaving no way for me to do it.

Honestly speaking she wasn’t my type, but I was happy to fuck her in the shower. She was also very good to me. She got on her knees and washed my dick carefully and thoroughly. There is no need to say that I was 100% aroused by that moment! I knew she liked what she was doing, as she spent equal amounts of time on my cock and on the whole body of mine.

Meantime Kolya was doing the same with Olga. She didn’t actually need any honey for losing weight. She wasn’t overweight, she wasn’t even stocky like her friend. I guess it was difficult to find two girls who were so unlike each other at all. They were different t in everything.

Olga was slender with long gorgeous legs. She was swarthy. Her hair was black and curly. Her breasts were a bit sagging. And her nipples were almost black too. Her big eyes were of pure dark blue color that made many people think she was wearing contacts.

Their tempers were also different. So it was absolutely unknown how come they were friends. They were different even in their crotches. When Ally had petite lips, seemed Olga’s vagina was always ready to stick out. Even when she was standing naked one could easily see more of her that of Ally standing with her legs wide open.

I can’t say for sure what type of female genitals I loved more and found more attractive. They both were beautiful.

You’re terribly wrong if you think that our sauna sessions ended up in a wild sex. Nothing of the kind. The thing is that the girls clearly distinguished bathing with caress and real sex. It was not once that Kolya and I hinted at having some gangbang with them two but it was all useless, purely in vain. They always replied that sauna was not in any way connected with sex.

Kolya and I are 11 years older that girls. They both have boyfriends of their age. They say to have serious relationships with them. Maybe they will even get married to them. The boyfriends know nothing about our sauna sprees, as they never join us or never meet the girls after them.

But it wasn’t as bad as it could seem to be. My wife was well fucked after my sauna visits. Her usual question was “What’s going on with you today?” Anyway I loved to have a sauna with the girls, go on picnics with them, play billiards in bars, and drink beer. They were very merry and not stupid. I liked Olga a lot. I was ready to fuck at any time of the day.

That was that day. Olga wasn’t herself since the morning. She came to work without make-up and with a ponytail. She couldn’t collect her thoughts, couldn’t answer the phone calls. By the end of the working day she asked us to stay and talk. We did as she wanted. We poured ourselves some tea and sat at table to talk.

-Boys, - that was her usual way to treat us, - I want you to do something.

-Yeah, sure, Olga, whatever is needed.

-I want you to promise to keep it in a secret. – Her voice was trembling, her cheeks were blushing.

-OK, deal, what’s wrong? – I began worrying.

-Well,… - She was all shivering. I came up to her and held her by the shoulders. She started and stepped back. – I want to spend a night with you… both. – She added heavily.

I can’t put into words what I felt, what we felt. We were paralyzed. We were looking at her inquiringly.

-I need this. You are the people I can share everything with. – Her voice was trembling. – I need you both to fuck me …. Simultaneously.

-But what for? – Kolya whispered.

-Why should you care? – Olga shouted. – You both want me…right?! So what’s wrong then?

-Well. Olga, you’re not only a wonderful girl but also our friend. So first you gotta tell us what’s going on.

-I quarreled with Robin yesterday (Robin is her boyfriend). He wanted to have anal sex, and I couldn’t …. I can’t…. I don’t want to…. I mean, I’ve never tried it before. I was scared, I shouted at him, we quarreled, and he left.

-Was he insistent?

-No, but I lost my temper, I can’t even say why… Guys let’s try it tomorrow, huh? I don’t know what to do… If I can’t do it with you, you will at least understand me.

-Are you sure? – Kolya asked. – You know that we are ready to do everything for you.

-Yes, I’m sure. OK, then we’ll go to Kolya’s place tomorrow. Are your wife and daughter still at your parents’?
-Yeah, for another three days.

-Well, then we have a deal. Bye.


She put on her rain coat and left the room.

-So what do you think? – I asked my friend.

-I don’t know yet. Let’s go home. We’ll deal with it tomorrow.

I spent the whole night thinking about Olga and her proposal. A night with her. Yes, damn it. She’s a funny girl. I was trying to imagine the thing. It was stupid. I started all over again. I couldn’t collect my thoughts, I tried to remember some porno film episodes, but we didn’t fit in, you know. I opened a folder in my laptop, my wife knew nothing about it. There were many pics there, Olga’s were among them too. There were a couple of photos of her topless on the beach. God! Is it real that tomorrow Kolya and I will have this body? I felt I was getting hot. I was afraid to scare off my dream with such thoughts. But I couldn’t help thinking about her. Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow…

Here was that important day. I arrived at work an hour earlier that usually. Kolya came early too.

-So, I can’t concentrate on anything. – I said.

-The same bullshit. Let it go as it goes. We’ll wait for her and everything will be clear again. – was his answer.

It was difficult to focus on work; we were very idle up to the lunch time. Olga wasn’t in the office. She came only after lunch. She behaved as nothing had happened. She gave us a pleasant smile, kissing us both on the cheeks. I was waiting for her to say something like: “You got punk’d, guys!”

I couldn’t stop looking at her. She was beautiful as always. She was wearing old jeans and a one-size-fits-all grey jumper. The working day was so long and terribly boring. When it was finally trough, Kolya put himself together and asked:

-So, Olga, are we going to my place?

-Haven’t you changed your minds yet? – She asked slyly.

-No, - we answered together.

She burst into laughing. We were sure to look very funny at that moment.

We were silent sitting in the car on the way to Kolya’s place. This silence was unbearable for me, I thought my ears would burst, or something else, something bad would happen to them, anyway. I wanted to hear a sound! Just one single sound at least! Oh, it became better, much better. We were standing in the hall, and nobody was smart enough to turn on the light.

-Are we gonna stand like this forever? – Olga asked at last.

We both shivered. Kolya turned on the light, I helped Olga get off her coat.

My pants were wet through, it seemed, my balls hurt. I thought I would cum as soon as I got undressed. Olga went to shower. We were left along, looking at each other. What to do now? It was ideally clean in the room. I guess Kolya spent much time putting everything in order.

We decided to lay the table. We took out a bottle of brandy, chocolate, glasses. We turned on TV. We sincerely thought Olga would come out of the bathroom in the gown or naked. It was nothing of the sort. She came out wearing the same things she was wearing when she went there. Jeans and jumper.

-I can’t, - she murmured, - I’m all shivering with fear.

-C’mon, sit down, drink some, - Kolya suggested.

Olga took the glass in her hand and drained it in one gulp. Then she came up to Colin who was sitting in the armchair and curled up in his lap. Kolya looked at me inquiringly. I tried to signal to him to talk to her and to talk her in, and then went to the bathroom myself. Pants were wet. I decided to pull them off and put the jeans back on. My balls were so painful as somebody had kicked them with all his might.

When I was back in the room I saw that Colin had done great job. His hand was under her jumper. I couldn’t see what he was doing there but Olga was moaning silently. I began unzipping her jeans. When I was through with the belt and the fly, she raised her butt letting me know what to do with them next. In a second they were lying on the floor. Then I saw elegant snow-white thong. She pulled them off herself and threw them aside too.

I didn’t know what to do. We had to make some decision. I took Olga in my arms and brought her to the bed. Then I took off her jumper and bra and covered her with the blanket. I undressed quickly and joined her. She pressed her body against mine. It was so unexpected. I had chills up and down my spine. God, her smell! It wasn’t perfume, no. She was very careful with perfume. At least I can’t remember her smell of a perfume.

She was smelling so well, so softly and unobtrusively. Only a young and healthy woman could smell like that. Everyone has his own understanding of such a smell. As for me, she was smelling of fresh milk, meadow flowers and the air after a thunderstorm.

Kolya went out of the bathroom.

-Well, well, well, I see you don’t need me anymore… - He said smiling.

-Bring some more brandy, - she asked.

She drank the second glass in the same manner as the first. Then she lay on her back and closed her eyes.

-Listen , Olga, - Kolya said carefully, - as we have no special plan, maybe we’ll fuck you in turn, and then we’ll see what to do next, otherwise my testicles blow up.

-Yeah, mine too. – I added.

Olga shrugged her shoulders. Guess that meant that we were right. Besides, brandy had probably played its part in her relaxation. Kolya took out a box with condoms and put it near the bed. I couldn’t wait any longer so I put one on and threw the blanket aside.

Prelude was of no use in our situation, so I simply moved her legs apart. My dick slid inside her vagina. It wasn’t difficult, you can guess why. Olga was leaking so hard that the bed sheet was also wet. Feeling that I finally got what I wanted, the feeling that I was fucking the long desired woman wasn’t the best thing in sex, actually. I don’t remember how many thrusts I managed to make. It seemed I came at once.

Kolya was with Olga while I was in the bathroom throwing away the condom and washing the cock. But as it turned out he couldn’t last long either.

-Well guys, you’re too quick. – Olga said when I got back to the room.

-It’s nothing special, if take into account that we’ve been dreaming to do you for two years! – I said. – And after your words last night my pecker has been hard all day long! So, let’s get down to business!

I said it not knowing what I meant actually. We turned on the light in the room and turned Olga on her stomach, putting two pillows under her belly. The view was wonderful! We could see the dark spot of her anus and her pussy, which resembled an opened rose. Her snatch was wet. It was amazing! Her major lips were not well seen, but her minor ones were sticking out significantly. I had never seen anything like this before. I used to see her twat in the sauna and always wanted to kiss it.

I put my index finger inside it. Olga was trying to impale more on it, moaning. My prick was hard I wanted to drill her again, but I had something else on my mind. I took my finger out of her vagina and touched her asshole. She quivered. I tried to get it inside, but failed. It was squeezed so hard that there was no possible way to do it.

-Olga, relax, otherwise it’s all in vain.

-I can’t.

-Imagine that you’re having a crap! – Kolya tried to joke. It was stupid.

-If I knew you were such assholes I would never do it with you!!! - She said angrily.

Man, she was so beautiful at the moment! Her big eyes glittered with anger, her long black hair was spread on the pillow. In seeing two hard-on idiots, she chortled loudly.

-OK, Ally gave me something quite suitable for today.

-You told her about it?

-I had to. I called on her yesterday. I was so nervous that I just had to talk to somebody.

She stood up from the bed and took a box and a tube from her bag.

-I tried it yesterday but it didn’t work.

There was some gadget in the box. It was like a chess pawn but of a larger size. It didn’t look like a dildo; it was too small and too short. There were two buttons on one of the sides: START and RELEASE, and some lid too. We pushed the buttons, nothing happened. Kolya took the scissors and opened the lid. There were two batteries in. They were apparently out of order. We took the same batteries from the flash light. When we pressed START the gadget began roaring and shaking, but the most interesting thing was that it began increasing in its diameter. Cool! When we pressed RELEASE it got to its original size.

It became clear what the gadget was for. I tried to imagine us three from a side. So you see two naked men and a naked woman examining some electric thing.

Anyway, we put Olga on her belly again. The gadget was lubricated by the gel from the tube. It made it slide into her butt smoothly; maybe it was also due to its sharp end. Olga said she didn’t feel hurt. When we pushed the button the thing got swollen in her butt stretching the anus. When the diameter if the gadget was approximately of the dick diameter we turned it off. Turned out it wasn’t at all painful for Olga, it was even pleasant, she could also easily walk with that stuff in her ass.

Maybe it could seem we forgot all about the aim of our meeting. It wasn’t so. I couldn’t wait for us to stop dealing with all those electrical sexual innovations and proceed to the most important part of the night. Even though it was for sure that the show would go on, I still couldn’t believe my pecker would find itself in Olga’s asshole.

Nevertheless, Kolya poured some more brandy in our glasses. While Olga was standing by the table drinking it slowly, he hugged her from behind, caressing her breasts, kissing her shoulders and neck. We put the light out and turned on the TV. I was lying on the bed watching them, thinking it was the most interesting sexual adventure of my life.
Then they lay on the bed too. I asked Olga if I could kiss her pussy.

-Well, it’s a special night today. You can do everything you want. – Was her answer.

It was fabulous. It was something I had so often been fantasizing about. If she could only know how many times I used to fuck her in my dreams. I was beyond myself licking her bosom, inhaling her wonderful smell, drinking her love juices. I parted her vulva lips getting a finger, then two fingers inside her flesh, while my tongue was toying with her clit. Kolya was busy kissing her on the lips and fondling her tits. Judging by her moaning and bucking Olga liked what we were doing.

In a while Olga was already sucking Kolya’s cock. I couldn’t say she was good at blow job, she was just sucking that’s all. But we were so aroused that it was even more that enough for us. I tried to take the gadget out of her ass. It was unexpectedly easy to do it. The anus got smaller but still stretched.

I put on the condom being afraid her hole would get squeezed again. When entering her butt, I lost all possible connection with the outer world, I even had butterflies in my stomach. The knob got in smoothly. Olga got what happened and looked at me.

-Does it hurt?

-No, but it gives no pleasure either.

First I was ramming in slowly then I accelerated the tempo. Feeling I was about to cum, I stopped. When I got my phallus out of her ass, it was totally clean and didn’t smell of anything at all!!! I still don’t know how she managed to do it. We threw the pillows on the floor and I lay on my back. Olga mounted me kissing me on my lips. It was our first real kiss. Her lips, brandy smell, deep black hair… I was dizzy again. Her kiss was vehement and long.

She was moving her butt up and down my shaft so skillfully and lustfully that I felt like cumming. Only several women can contract their vagina muscles. I hear, they can learn it, but some can do it without special training. I don’t know if Olga ever learnt to do it, but she was terrific! It was like she was fellating me with her pussy.

Kolya got to her from the back. I felt his cock get into her ass, screwing her vigorously. I tried to catch his tempo. Olga was moaning silently, now and then I felt her cum flow down my legs on the bed sheet. Her gorgeous boobs were swaying before my face, I tried to catch a nipple with my lips, but couldn’t.

Kolya took the dick out of her butt, took off the condom and came on her back. I came right after him. After shower we all were lying on the bed. I was staring at Olga, patting her, admiring her beauty. Nature is a great magician! It created the woman to remind the man that he is wrong feeling strong and independent, whereas a woman’s fragile and vulnerable body is stronger that any man in the world.

Olga was absolutely relaxed, sort of not noticing that two men were caressing her.
In a while we repeated everything all over gain, but this time I was owning her butt. Then we all got into Kolya’s spa and spent there an hour drinking brandy and enjoying ourselves.


It’s been two months since that night. We’ve never done anything like this again, as we had a deal about it. But something has changed in our relations. I could look at Olga the way I didn’t look at her before, and she understood me, accepting it. Well, our short kisses on the cheek in the morning last now a bit longer, and we hug each other closer. I don’t know if it’s the same with Kolya too.
I often ask myself if I want to do it again. I guess no. Let that night remain remarkable and unique for me.

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